I have worked on many and interesting projects through the years. Though they all are worth writing about, I shall mention only the most relevant here:

2016-present • Development of ╬╝lists started. The project should end up in giving easy access to lists that are shareable. Something I desperatly need in my daily live.

2016-present • Employment of a part-time translator.

2015-present • Danish Community Manager on part-time for a international company based in Germany.

2015-presentHens in the garden, since hens is a bird to admire and freshly layed eggs is something very speciel.

2012-present • Voluntary administrator of a small Danish Linux forum.

2017 • Installation, setup and hosting of Faxe Akupunkturs homepage made with Wordpress. The system has support for blogging and is very userfriendly.

2016 • This elegant and very usable website, which shows my appreciation of minimalistic design. The site is a PHP handcoded piece-of-art done over the span of 2 grey winter afternoons.

2013 • The programming of a Perl background service called antispamd. The program can train a SpamAssassin antispam filter and have been online without downtime or alterations since its completion.

I routinely handle FreeBSD and Linux servers and can solve most common, and some uncommen, tasks with them. One thing I oddly enough can't seem to get them to do, is making coffee while they whistle; I still do that myself. In addition I suppose I can use all current operating systems, including Commodore 64's BASIC interpreter, but it's no secret I work best on UNIX based systems and software. On a sitenote I actually made my first text-color-changing program on a C64 around 1990. I'm from 1982.

If you should have something interesting that needs to be made or fixed, then don't hesitate to contact me. Nothing is too small and I always give a fixed price. Please write in English. Or Danish, I suppose.